Monday, April 26, 2010

Cowbird Tail

I was speaking to a congressman from a neighboring state after he visited the office next to mine for some title-related business in a real estate sale. We were talking on the patio at my 9am break about a few of the bird species native to both our states when he pointed to one bird and said, "You see that one? That's a brown-faced cowbird. The guy next to him is following me."

"How can you tell it's a male?" I asked, expecting a Groucho Marx-like response.
The representative caught my joke invitation and responded with only a smirk.

"Everyone has a spy, a tail. It's Washington."

It wasn't Washington, but I got the picture. I also got the impression he didn't want me to ask why he was being followed. I ran the scenarios in my head: if he's being followed for a legitimate reason, he certainly wouldn't want me to know about it; if he's being followed for an illegitimate reason, he wouldn't have much, if anything, to tell me. There's always the off chance that he would give me a response like "they think I'm..." but the expression on his face was not especially encouraging.

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